Private Tours Old Corfu Town - The historic route

4-6-8 Hours
Corfu Town

Walking tour of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Old Town of Corfu The historic route

This is a walking tour of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Old Town of Corfu; the jewel of Corfu island – a Venetian built town dating back to the 16th century, with later additions of unique monuments during its French and British eras.
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Corfu Town Discover Corfu Town
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Pickup and drop-off at your hotel or at the port.
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Pickup and drop-off at your hotel or at the port.

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More about this tour

You will start your walking tour at the MON REPOS PALACE, built in 1831, it was originally the private estate of the British Commissioner of the island, Sir Adams, before it was presented as a gift to the Greek King George A’ and became theGreek Royal Palace; you will visit the museum with its unique British Colonial era and Archaeological exhibitions, followed by a short tour of the extensive estate and the local excavations.


You will then embark on the “historic sightseeing walking route”, during which your first stop will be at the Byzantine Church of St. Jason and Sosipatros, the oldest local still standing Byzantine church, dedicated the first two saints to preached Christianity to the locals.


You will proceed to what is now the modern city of Corfu, to visit the original traditional Soap Factory of Patounis, established in 1891, still produces handcrafted soap (without any additives) using the traditional methods from locally produced olive produce, with its traditional tools and equipment intact.


Your walk continues into the historic Old Town of Corfu, passing by its major monuments, the Old Town Hall “San Giacomo” (18th cent), the British Royal Palace (19th cent), the Liston, the Esplanade Square, the Old Venetian Fortress (16thcent).

You will visit the 16th cent Church of Saint Spyridon, a unique example of a Venetian Orthodox Church, dedicated to the local protector saint of the island.


COACH TRANSFERS: from Port to Mon Repos Palace and from Town to the Port

WALKING DISTANCE: approx. 5 kms – easy walking (some on road, some on pavement, some on cobbled streets, some on earth road).

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Old Corfu Town - The historic route

4-6-8 Hours
Corfu Town

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